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Runnin On Empty 


I am honoured to be a team member and one of many ants in an organistion run by M.E sufferers called Let's Do It For ME who work in support of, and hand in hand with charity  Invest In ME research In helping to raise awareness and much needed  funds for the charity's aims of a Centre of Excellence, You can read all about LDIFME & jump on board if you feel you can help?  If you're on social media, even things like Retweeting and Sharing posts help to make a difference and is greatly appreciated. So........Lets Do It For ME! 

Thank goodness things are now changing, the world is waking up & the ignorant are in the minority and for the first time we're seeing real hope. I believe alot of that is down to a UK Charity that's leading the way called Invest In ME Research  It's only a small independent charity but it's doing tremendous things. The Charity get no government funding and rely entirely on public donations.  The amazing thing that makes Invest In ME Research stand out from many other charities is that it's totally run by Volunteers, this means there are no wages, so every penny of your donation goes to where its supposed to.....Making a Real Difference.   This is just one of the many reasons I support them, they take no wages, work bloody hard, and don't just talk, they're making things happen.  

So If you as an individual or your company are looking to support a charity,  I ask that  you take

5 mins out of your busy schedule to go check out the amazing work they are doing.


I consider myself a tough cookie, but throughout Life, 28yrs of them with M.E, I can honestly say that nothing has been as frightening as being on the recieving end of  such mass Ignorance and Prejudice, and by the very people supposedly there to help.

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While we continue to go forward together and help realise the dream of a Centre of Excellence, Diagnostic test, Treatment, and Eventual cure, we must never forget the shocking cruelty many have suffered or ever let slip from mind those who haven't made it. This fight is not only for future generations so they don't have to go through what many of us have been subjected to, it's for all those who have died in the battle for truth.  I believe without a shadow of a doubt that day is drawing nearer.

My-al-gic (jic) en-ceph (seff) alo-mye (my) lit (light) is. Put it Together & What Have You Got? Bibbety Bobbety Boo...

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I have an illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E). It's quite common for those with M.E to go on to get Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis..... and I did.  I already had Scoliosis from when I was a kid.      


M.E is a chronic complex physical illness affecting the whole body with symptoms such as Exhaustion, This is not about feeling tired, we're talking about a total bone shattering painful body exhaustion, Problems with Breathlessness, Brain function, Co-ordination, Memory loss, Muscle spasms, Nerve Endings,  Bowel & Bladder,  Sensitivity to Light and Sound, Heart problems, Eating & Swallowing (Unsafe Swallow)  and a whole heap of other stuff that you really wouldn't want to be dealing with given the choice.  M.E is a serious condition & sadly many people have lost their lives.


Despite M.E being  classified as a physical illness by the World health organisation since 1969 there are still those in the Medical Profession & Media with ignorant outdated views trying to drag it down a pyschiatry route.


In fact in the 1980's medical staff  were tipping M.E Sufferers out of their  wheelchairs into the deep end of the swimming baths in an attempt to prove they had enough energy to save themselves from drowning, which in their minds meant  the patient wasn't physically ill.  Adults and children with M.E were often forcibly removed from their homes and placed in psychiatric units and denied visits from family and friends & forced to excercise.                                                                                                    

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