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Runnin On Empty 

Runnin On Empty


Me & M.E, Same Letters Separated By A Dot

One’s Who I Am, One’s What I’ve Got

One’s Who I Used To Be, Ones What I’m Not

Oh I’m Still Me, There’s Just A Dot In-Between

But It’s A Dot That Can Stop You From Living A Dream

It’s A Dot That Separates The M From The E

And While It’s Sat There It’s Hard To Be Me

The Me That I Was In Healthier Days

Before The Dot Came Forcing The Parting Of Ways

I’m Nothing As M And Empty As E

But Side By Side Again I Could Be Me

That Dot Has Got A Lot To Explain

How Can Something So Small Cause So Much Pain

So Much Devastation, Be Endlessly Cruel

It’s Just One Stupid Dot After All?

Why Does It Have To Be Stuck In The Middle

Causing Complex Symptoms That Read Like A Riddle?

I Have To Believe That Just As It Came

That Dot Will Mysteriously Vanish Again

Every Night Before Sleeping I Hope And I Pray

That I’ll Wake Up As Me Without A Dot In The Way.

One Stupid Dot

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  M.E Awareness & Free Downloads...   


Sadly not everyone wakes up, many pass from secondary problems caused by M.E, while others like Amberlin Wu battle weary from trying to fight,  not only the illness but the prejudice, end up taking their own lives. She had sadly but beautifully written about her M.E journey  in "The Box Story" & so I post this link in her memory and for all M.E warriors no longer with us.

amberlinshopped polkadot shoes

One Stupid Dot That Separates The M From The E & Stops M.E From Being Me......

Later in 2018 I'm aiming  to create some new designs & open another store that will offer alot more choice.


But for now, to get my Runnin On Empty design, just click on the Picture & head over to the DizzyJam store  50% of Profit from every sale goes to Charity Invest In ME. I will also be adding a list of some of those  blogging, crafting & doing wonderful things to raise M.E awareness & funds.

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