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      Mama Chill

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Mama Chill Gettin ill, Never Runs & Never Will, Nuff Respect For Ya.

Darryl DMC Mcdaniels (RUN DMC)


Regarding The Track More Wanksta Than Gangsta, This Is Old Skool Hip Hop Straight Out Of Watford & I Very Much Like Her Emotional Directness & Performance.

Tom Robinson, BBC INTRODUCING (6 Music)


You One Crazy Mama, We Lovin The Tone Of Your Voice.



A Solo Female Artist That's a Breath Of Fresh Air in The World Of Rap/hiphop, Injecting All Other Genres into An Ol Skool 80's American Feel & Shaking it Up With The New. Credible Lyrics, Credible Music, True Life Stories Told With Gusto And Honesty.

CD Baby

Mama Chill  Takes old school hip hop to a whole new level & has a unique, righteous style that sets her aside from other UK Femcees.

Exposed Vocals


Despite Having Myalgic Encephalomylitis (M.E) This is A Lady Who Certainly Means Business, Writing  About Personal True Stories Makes Her A Must Listen To. Good Reviews, Magazine Coverage, And Mainstream Radio Play Are All Ensuring That Mama Chill’s Determination isn’t About To Be Dampened Any Time Soon.

Fame Magazine