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I've shared that conversation many times since her passing & continue to do so & it often gages a similar reaction as it had on me.  The purpose of "Give Us This Day" is to remind everyone how precious each day is, to make the most of it, fill it with joy & share that joy with others  & to also continue my brother & sisters love, light & good work on the earth plane & encourage others to do the same . It's still in its early stages, but I will update this page as I get things moving. Til then i'll leave you with this thought . Death doesn't come via an invitation dropped through the letterbox, we need to use our time & our words wisely because  when it is our time to pass, we won't be able to take money, or a house, or fancy car, we won't be able to take all the possessions we've gathered along the way, they'll mean nothing. It won't matter wether your famous or wether you work down the Chippie.  We can only pass over with love in our hearts & the knowledge of how we've treated people while we were here, & likewise, others will only  remember us by the size of our kindness not our material gain or superficial success. We're all on this journey of Life & Sometimes all it takes is a few words to make a difference, to lend an ear, to give a smile, to show kindness & compassion, after all, we may only have this day?  


                                                      Stay Blessed

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